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cover of January 24, 2015
Robot bird illustration

BIOMIMICRY  Scientists are turning to the animal kingdom to inspire the next wave of small drones.

Carina nebula

BLUE HUE  Gravity causes pockets of gas and dust to collapse in star-forming regions such as the Carina nebula (shown), compressing light into shorter, bluer wavelengths, a new study finds.


TASTE TEST  A gustometer drips precise quantities of colored liquids into the mouth of a woman lying in a brain scanner.

Comet 67P

CRAGGY COMET  A pit (left) carved by gas jets and a 900-meter-high cliff (right) rising out of a band of smooth dust show the diverse terrain on comet 67P in this image from Rosetta.

Hand bones

Advance Hand  High concentrations of spongy inner bone in an ancient hominid’s knuckles and thumb base (indicated by arrows, red indicates more spongy bone) suggest humanlike hands evolved nearly 3 million years ago.

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