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cover of the December 27, 2014 issue
Tiny golden-wing warblers

LITTLE WARBLER THAT COULD  Tiny golden-wing warblers happened to be wearing experimental data collection devices that confirmed they had early warnings of a coming storm.

plastic chip with dozens of little wells

CHIPPING IN  Using a plastic chip with dozens of little wells and time-lapse photography, researchers could see more quickly than with traditional tests whether individual bacterial cells are vulnerable to antibiotics. 

South Napa earthquake

QUENCHING QUAKE  The South Napa earthquake in August caused groundwater from nearby hills to flow through previously dry streambeds such as Arroyo Seco Creek (shown here before the recent drought), new research suggests.


ROUGH EDGES  The rugged landscape of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, seen in this composite image, dispels the notion that comets are smooth dirty snowballs.

giant boulder

STRONG STORM  Tsunami-like waves generated by Typhoon Haiyan pushed around this giant boulder, which weighs roughly 180 metric tons.

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