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cover of the September 6, 2014 Science News

FAST TRACK  A nerve cell protein (inset, glowing red) resides throughout the splayed tip of a mouse nerve and ferries the rabies virus (green dots in inset) up cells’ long extensions (green diagonal lines).

NEUTRINO NET  Over 2,200 light-sensitive detectors line the inside of the nearly 14-meter-wide Borexino experiment in central Italy. The detectors, some of which are seen in this picture looking up inside the shell, have for the first time observed neutrinos from the center of the sun.

FATAL ATTRACTION  The bulbous vocal sacs of male túngara frogs attract females, but the inflating organs also trip the sonar of hungry fringe-lipped bats, a new study finds. 

PORE POPULACE  Microscopic skin mites like this one (pink tail of mite shown in a hair follicle in a false-color scanning electron micrograph) live on the face of every adult human on the planet, a new study suggests.

MIND MELD  Precisely placed magnetic pulses to the head encourage brain regions to work together and can boost a person's memory, a new study finds.

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