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PORE POPULACE  Microscopic skin mites like this one (pink tail of mite shown in a hair follicle in a false-color scanning electron micrograph) live on the face of every adult human on the planet, a new study suggests.

FREE FLOAT  The clear bell of a gelatinous hydrozoan is a floating home for a jelly-rider called a hyperiid amphipod. As homes to some creatures, dinner to others and more, jellyfish are an integral part of the oceans. 

SECOND COMING  Inhabitants of an Alaskan island made wooden dolls such as this between 400 and 500 years ago. These people may have been part of a second wave of migration to the North American Arctic. 

BETTER DEFENSE  Human tests of an experimental vaccine against the fatal Ebola virus (shown in a false-color micrograph) are slated to begin in early September.

MIND MELD  Precisely placed magnetic pulses to the head encourage brain regions to work together and can boost a person's memory, a new study finds.

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