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cover of November 1, 2014 issue
Atlantic Coast leopard frog

FROG IN THE CITY  The Atlantic Coast leopard frog was discovered in New York City and inhabits wetlands along the I-95 corridor between Connecticut and North Carolina.

Three glasses of milk

GOT DOUBTS?  Three or more glasses of milk daily doesn’t seem to impart benefits, even for bones, and might even hurt, a study finds.

human stomach tissue (marked with glowing green tags)

LAB-GROWN BELLY  Human stomach tissue (marked with glowing green tags) grown in a dish contains mucus-making cells (red), just like real stomachs do. The mini organs could help scientists study human gastric disease.

kids exercising

STRETCHING THE DAY  In some countries, kids exercise more when daylight savings time is in effect, a study shows.

Clostridium difficile

BACTERIA VS. BACTERIA  Mice exposed to Clostridium difficile (shown) are protected by a related microbe, C. scindens.

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