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MATERIAL MAGIC  Sometimes called “frozen smoke,” silica aerogel can protect skin from an open flame because its airy structure makes it a great insulator.

Parkes Radio Telescope

SNATCHING SIGNALS  Most of the fast radio bursts seen to date have been recorded by the Parkes Radio Telescope in New South Wales, Australia.

BRIGHT LIGHTS  An Icelandic aurora catches a photographer’s eye and a contest prize.

MARKS OF CHANGE  Shutting down a gene that normally fends off tumors is enough to cause cancer, a new study of mice shows. The large white mouse carries this epigenetic change in some of its cells (brown marks) while the brown mouse carries it in all of its cells.

FLASHES OF LIGHT  Fireflies in a long-exposure photo taken in a forest near Nuremberg, Germany. A free app lets you map firefly flashes. 

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