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cover of November 1, 2014 issue
stegosaurus-allosaurus fight, illustration

BELOW THE BELT  Fossil evidence suggests that 147 million years ago a stegosaurus whipped its tail spike into an allosaurus's crotch, as seen in this illustration. 

long filament of plasma from sun

FLARING OUT  The sun unleashed a long filament of plasma into space on August 31, 2012. Data form these eruptions can be converted into sound.

oldest H. sapien bone

ANTIQUE GENES   A 45,000-year-old modern human leg bone, recovered from Siberia in 2008, has yielded the oldest known Homo sapiens DNA and has provided clues to the timing of interbreeding between ancient humans and Neandertals.

ostrichlike dinosaur drawing

HEFTY HANDS  At more than 6,000 kilograms, Deinocheirus mirificus (shown in an artist’s reconstruction) is the largest ostrichlike dinosaur yet discovered.

Beer mugs

CHEERS FOR PEERS  The presence of a small minority of alcohol abstainers in groups of teen friends can help to decrease the likelihood that everyone else will get drunk and binge drink, a new analysis suggests. 

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